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GEO | News | 2005-11-06

General Education Online to Start Education Disaster Recovery Pilot

The Internet (2005-11-06)

General Education Online (GEO) announced today the start of a pilot program to establish a centralized online reporting system for education disaster recovery.

The pilot program marks one of the first times that General Education Online has opened up the development of new features and functionality to the education community. The Education Disaster Recovery Status (EDRS) Pilot will initially be open to schools in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. During the next several months, General Education Online will continue the process of creating a requirements document, putting infrastructure in place, and developing a framework for the EDRS system. Scheduled to last until December 2006, the EDRS Pilot will not only develop the framework for the system, but will also put it to a real-world test throughout 2006.

An extension of the Disaster Recovery Status website available at, the EDRS system will allow schools to provide timely updates to their status whenever a crisis disrupts normal operations.

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