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GEO | News | 2005-01-18

GEO Experiences Impressive Growth

The Internet (2005-01-18)

General Education Online (GEO) has experienced an impressive amount of growth, passing the quarter million mark for 2005 late Monday night. As of 11:10 pm EST today, GEO had posted record totals of 274,256 hits (of which 58,269 were unique) accounting for over 4 GBs worth of downloads.

GEO's previous monthly record was 274,006 hits during the month of March 2004. If traffic stays consistent, GEO will surpass 500,000 hits by months end, which would account for 2/3rds of the Q1 2005 goal of 750,000. Since 1999, GEO has accumulated over 10.25 million hits (approximately 2 million unique), accounting for close to 178 GBs worth of bandwidth.

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