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GEO | News | 2005-01-05

General Education Online v3 Released

The Internet (2005-01-05)

General Education Online (GEO) today released the long-awaited version 3, just after the new year. Some features, still in development, did not make the initial v3 cut in the interest of upgrading the core GEO site to the more robust and scalable v3 codebase in a timely manner.

Version 3.0 does include several new features, including a new content-management system which will enable the addition of new content on the fly, a revised and integrated administration system, a new news system (including the ability to generate pdf files), and a template-based design to facilitate future changes to the site.

"As always, GEO strives hard to strike a balance between releasing new features and functionality and the ability to upgrade the core version of the site. For the initial release of v3, we decided that our best option was to release the upgrades to the core application now, and hold off on introducing some functionality undergoing additional review." said Michael Viron, GEO's leader since its inception in 1995.

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