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GEO | News | 2002-03-26

General Education Online v2.2.0rc2 released

The Internet (2002-03-26)

As the end of the first quarter approaches, General Education Online is pleased to release GEO v2.2.0rc2, the latest bugfix release available for General Education Online v2. This release primarily fixes some admin-related bugs and adds some additional functionality.

2.2.0rc2 now correctly handles dynamically generating html forms depending on the result it is passed. It also begins the process of handling user authentication, although the login script is not integrated into the core admin site.

Additionally, 2.2.0rc2 also fixes some problems with the add / edit / delete features that were not completely ironed out at the time of the v2.0 release. Primarily, these included minor issues with the database not correctly being updated when the add / edit functions were being used.

On the horizon for the next release is tighter integration of the user authentication scheme into the core GEO codebase, as well as continuing work on improving the admin interface for the site, and more tightly integrating the "news" site with the main General Education Online website.

This release is considered beta software (which is why it is being released as a release candidate) and may contain problems that have not been fixed or addressed yet, but that will be addressed as it gets closer to a full release.

Michael Viron, Project Manager / Primary Developer

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